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Quality affordable housing is the foundation of the opportunity strategy, and the engine that drives the Perry Choice Neighborhood Planning Initiative.  To implement this planning approach, LEED Housing and Neighborhood Development Strategies will be used to guide the development of housing in the Commodore Perry Community. The emphasis will be on redeveloping and replacing 414 units of distressed public housing using the highest level of quality, energy efficiency and architectural design to meet the contemporary needs of the residents. To ensure that residents have a voice in the design of the housing units, monthly workshops are being held to provide them with continuous input into the planning process. The goal is to transform the Commodore Perry into a mixed income commuity with a combination of affordable income, including market rate and public housing units.  By producing a new mix of high quality housing, a variety of families will be attracted to the area to join with the current residents in growing and developing the community.




The PCN Transformation Plan

The final Perry Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan is complete and has been submitted to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. To view the plan and other documents related to the 2013 HUD Choice Neighborhoods NOFA, please click here.

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