How to become a Visiting Nursing Certified Nurse?

It is a method to acquire the qualification of visiting nursing certified nurse.
First of all, I have a regular nurse license in Japan and I have more than 5 years of practical experience.
And 3 years is the condition that you have expertise.

The 3-year expertise has practical experience in the home care field,
It is that there are things that took charge of five or more visiting nursing of those who need medical treatment and management.

Being satisfied with this condition will be the condition of the entrance examination qualification.

Also, if you are currently engaged in home care,
Visiting nurse training course, visiting nurse instructor training course, certification completion certificate by visiting nursing area
It is desirable that you have completed one of the following.

And, after having received 630 hours of training in 6 months, those who passed the exam and passed it was sunny and the visiting nursing certified nurse
You can acquire qualifications.