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The comprehensive support services of the Choice Neighborhood Planning Initiative will create opportunities that enable residents  to earn a living wage and help children to achieve academically, graduate from high school on time and go on to college/or a meaningful job with a career ladder.  To make this happen, four interrelated programs will be planned and developed

The Mini-Education Pipeline System—Where developing strategies that begin building children's educational success from early childhood through high school and on to college are essential to building a community of opportunity where people will have a chance to realize their full human potential. However, this is no easy task, especially when persistently low achieving schools dominate the inner-city landscape. To strengthen the available public education and bolster the life chances of young people, the planning team is developing an early childhood education center at the Perry housing complex that will be based upon creating a continuum of progressive services, programs and activities that will facilitate the movement of children through successful early childhood education experiences to elementary, middle, high school and on to college and/or a career. A collaborative partnership involving parents, the Community Action Organization, the Buffalo public schools system and University at Buffalo, is being established to develop the mini-educational system. 


The Neighborhood-based Service Delivery System—The location and delivery of health, human and social services in the Perry neighborhood matters. The decline of welfare and other types of cash assistance has meant that recipients must travel to government offices and/or non-profit organizations to receive help from a social service program.  Often residents must make repeated visits to several different agencies each month, increasing the expense and complications of difficult commutes among home, work, and child care facilities, often without access to reliable automobile or public transportation.  

The Perry Choice neighborhood cannot be re-created and redeveloped without being a safe and secure place to live and work.   The planning team will develop a community-based strategy for making the Perry Choice neighborhood a safe place without increasing police presence.  This will be done by developing a neighborhood-based strategy that centers on  violence intervention, creating opportunities for young people, resident street patrols and working closely with law enforcement agencies.

The Section 3 Business and Employee Development Center will be a joint venture with the University at Buffalo School of Management and the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority. The rebuilding of the Perry Choice neighborhood requires the development of a strategy that makes it possible to turn the neighborhood redevelopment process into jobs and opportunities for business ownership among the people living in the neighborhood.   This strategy will involve the implementation of an innovative Section 3 program designed to train business owners and to produce workers capable of taking advantage of the emerging opportunities.   The program will be anchored with a supportive service system that will help workers and owners deal with health, human and social issues.


The PCN Transformation Plan

The final Perry Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan is complete and has been submitted to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. To view the plan and other documents related to the 2013 HUD Choice Neighborhoods NOFA, please click here.

Proposed Development


The overall neighborhood design provides a wide range of mixed-use amenities on Perry Street and South Park Ave connected by a network of richly landscaped tree-lined streets, including a new central park and a 105,000 SF Life Chances Center. THE BMHA-PCN project replaces 222 housing units with 495 mixed income units over five years; with a long term goal of 414 public housing units with approximately 415 mixed-income units over a period of ten years.

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The Planning and Information Center serves as a connector between the planning initiative and residents of the Perry Choice Neighborhood. It helps forge creative and innovative strategies aimed at getting residents to participate actively in all phases of the neighborhood planning and development process, to increase their information literacy rate and help them solve problems that thwart the community building process.

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Supportive Services Map

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