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The Planning Strategy

Resident Engagement

The Perry Choice Neighborhoods Planning Initiative has used a comprehensive approach to neighborhood transformation that places residents at the core of the planning process. A variety of activities will be implemented to involve the residents in the re-creation and redevelopment of the Perry Choice neighborhood, including the establishment of the Planning and Information Center that will be managed and operated with residents.  Wherever possible, residents will be hired to carryout tasks and will be integrated into working groups, where day-to-day planning activities take place.  Moreover, surveys, focus groups, walking tours and informal interviews will be used to elicit their views on a range of topics related to housing, support services and neighborhood revitalization.


The Planning Framework

The Perry Choice Neighborhood Planning grant (PCN) produced a plan that transforms the BMHAPCN into a viable and sustainable mixed-income neighborhood that functions as a platform which enables residents to become economically secure and self-sufficient, to realize their full potential and to develop the critical consciousness and capacity that empowers them to guide the development of the community over time. To realize this outcome in practice, the Perry Choice Neighborhood planning initiative is informed by three core goals, which are viewed through the lens of neighborhood, housing, and people that inform all aspects of the planning process.





The PCN Transformation Plan

The final Perry Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan is complete and has been submitted to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. To view the plan and other documents related to the 2013 HUD Choice Neighborhoods NOFA, please click here.

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