Points to make a successful career change for a visiting nursing certified nurse

It is a point to make a successful job change after acquiring qualification of visiting nursing certified nurse.

I need to think about how I want to work as a visiting nursing certified nurse myself.

For example, it is a way to work at a visiting nursing station.
In this case, we will care mainly of patients who are actually taking care of their patients at home and give guidance and consultation to other staff.

The second thing is to work in the hospital in the hospital.
In this case, while setting up hospital, setting up in cooperation with people of various industries so that you can live smoothly when you return home
Do it.
In this case, I will do it while working as an ordinary ward.
Besides that, we need to give guidance and consultation to staff as well.

Also, the nursing policy varies depending on the workplace.
Please check whether the nursing policy matches yourself before entering the company.