What is the role of Visiting Nursing Certified Nurse?

One of the roles of visiting nursing certified nurses,
Collaborate in the area so that people who are recuperating at home can live by satisfying QOL
It is about improving the quality of visiting nurses and promoting them.

The second one is guidance to the staff and the third one is consultation.

Basically, while doing the job of a visiting nurse, the nursing station
It is also the role of visiting nursing certified nurse to set up smooth operation.

Until now, even those who were supposed to have difficulty at home were also introduced various types of institutions, and with other occupations
It is also necessary to think about it so that you can be treated at home while cooperating.

And to do guidance, it is also important to open study meetings and to provide guidance on a daily basis.

There are so many business contents, but since it is a business that can only be obtained from qualifications, it has been substantial
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